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Christian Gonzales for Indonesia (Winning with Glory)

What a beautiful game. My country, Indonesia had won the game versus Phillipines with score 1-0 in AFF Cup (read my latest post). It wasn't so bad for us because that was an away game for Indonesia (my country).

Indonesia, Irfan Bachdim, and Christian "El Loco" Gonzalez.

Talking about my country

Yeah, this month maybe a gold month for Indonesia, why? because this month is Indonesia resurrection of Football. In AFF (Asean Football Federation) Cup this year Indonesia has defeat their opponent so clearly and amazing. They has defeat Malaysia with score 5-1, Laos 6-0, and their "Old Opponent" 2-1 with dramatical winning. And at 16th December 2010 for Semifinal they will fight againts Phillipines ( i hope that Indonesia will continue their winningly).
Indonesia is a Country with most of their people likes football. In history, Indonesia has many glorious years, maybe this time they'll proof to the world that they can be a "Horrific Country" too.
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