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Indonesia, Irfan Bachdim, and Christian "El Loco" Gonzalez.

Talking about my country

Yeah, this month maybe a gold month for Indonesia, why? because this month is Indonesia resurrection of Football. In AFF (Asean Football Federation) Cup this year Indonesia has defeat their opponent so clearly and amazing. They has defeat Malaysia with score 5-1, Laos 6-0, and their "Old Opponent" 2-1 with dramatical winning. And at 16th December 2010 for Semifinal they will fight againts Phillipines ( i hope that Indonesia will continue their winningly).
Indonesia is a Country with most of their people likes football. In history, Indonesia has many glorious years, maybe this time they'll proof to the world that they can be a "Horrific Country" too.
Now Indonesia has two new wonderful players, they are Irfan Bachdim and C. Gonzalez. Irfan Bachdim is an Indonesian that has experience of football better than the other of his teammates. He was played in FC Utrecth Junior a few years ago. He was lived in Netherlands for so long, so he has a wonderful quality in technique and stamina. As we know, that training course or training level in Netherlands is so differently than Indonesia. Irfan's dad is from Indonesia and his mom is from Netherlands. Many people thought that Irfan was naturalization player, but it was not. Irfan is native player from Indonesia because of his father is from Indonesia, so he is an Indonesian.
C. Gonzalez was a super duper amazing player in Indonesia Super League (ISL). He was five times to be a Top Scorer successively. In fact, Gonzalez or "El Loco" is an Uruguay but he was lived so long in Indonesia and fighting for his naturalization within not come back to Uruguay in 5 years (what a long time right?). it is too hard for foreign people to be an Indonesian because if there're someone who wants to be an Indonesian they must lived in Indonesia for 5 years and can speaking Bahasa Indonesia.
this is Irfan Bachdim and C. Gonzalez profil.

Full name : Irfan Haarys Bachdim
Date of birth : August 11, 1988 (age 22)
Place of birth : Amsterdam, Netherlands
Height : 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
Playing position : Midfielder, Striker
The club currently : Persema Malang
Number : 10
Junior club :
Ajax Amsterdam
SV Argon
FC Utrecht
Club senior :
FC Utrecht
HFC Haarlem
Persema Malang
Team nasional : 2010 - Indonesia
Full name : Christian Gérard Alvaro González
Date of birth : August 11, 1976 (age 33)
Place of birth : Montevideo, Uruguay
Playing position : Striker
The club currently : Persib Bandung
Number : 99
Club : Persib
Height : 1,85 m


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