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Sky High Movie - Fantasy Hero

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this post i made because i remember this film when i watch it in tv a few days ago
Sky high is a Fantasy heroes movie
The story describes the beginning of the freshman year for Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano) at Sky High School, a school for young superheroes that floats somewhere in the sky. Will's parents pose as suburban real-estate agents Steve and Josie Stronghold, but they are really the Commander (Kurt Russell) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston), two of the most famous and powerful superheroes. The Commander has superhuman strength, and Jetstream is able to fly. Will's best friend is Layla (Danielle Panabaker), a pretty supergirl who can manipulate plant life.
The students at Sky High include Speed (Will Harris), a bully who can run faster than the human eye can see; Lash (Jake Sandvig), a bully who can stretch his body; Penny (Malika Haqq and Khadijah Haqq), a girl who can make copies of herself; a boy who can shape-shift; a boy who changes into a rock creature; and Warren Peace (Steven Strait), the brooding, fire-throwing son of a supervillain whom the Commander sent to prison. As the school year begins, Will is the only student who has not yet developed any superpowers. Students with great powers are taught to be heroes, while less capable youngsters are designated as "hero support" and derisively referred to as "sidekicks". The abilities of the sidekicks include melting, glowing, and turning into a guinea pig. Will is put into the sidekick program due to his lack of powers, and Layla is made a sidekick for refusing to demonstrate hers.

At the end of Will's first day at Sky High, the Commander shows him the Stronghold family's underground control center, the Secret Sanctum, which holds souvenirs from past battles. One souvenir is a weapon called the Pacifier, which the Commander took from his arch-enemy, a supervillain named Royal Pain, fifteen years ago. Another is the eyeball of a robot the Commander recently defeated. As the Commander and Will chat, Royal Pain remotely spies on them through a camera hidden in the eyeball.
Will initially makes friends with the sidekicks, but he is transferred to the Hero program after his latent super-strength emerges during a fight with Warren. He also attracts the attention of Gwen Grayson (Winstead), a gorgeous "technopath" who controls machines with her mind. Will makes a date with Layla to prove he still likes her, but he forgets about it and has dinner with Gwen and his parents, so Layla tries to make him jealous by agreeing to go to the Sky High homecoming dance with Warren.
On the day before the dance, Gwen tricks Will into throwing a party at his house, and Speed steals the Pacifier when she seduces Will into showing her the Secret Sanctum. She also convinces Layla that Will no longer likes her, but Will sees this and refuses to go to the dance with Gwen, even though his parents have promised to go as honorary guests. After his parents leave for the dance, Will reads the Commander's school yearbook, which contains a photograph of a girl who looks just like Gwen. When he sees a picture of the girl holding a Pacifier, he guesses that the girl is Royal Pain and Gwen is her daughter, sees that the Pacifier is missing, and concludes that Gwen must be avenging herself on the Commander for defeating her mother. Will contacts the Sky High bus driver, who rushes him to the dance.
Meanwhile, Gwen reveals to the dance participants that she is Royal Pain herself. She invented the Pacifier, which turns people into babies, but the school failed to recognize her technological powers. She was turned into a baby when the Pacifier exploded in her battle with the Commander, and now she is taking her revenge against the school for making her a sidekick. She begins shooting people with the Pacifier, turning them into babies, with the intention of raising them as supervillains. Only the sidekicks escape.
When Will arrives at school, he apologizes to Layla and teams up with the sidekicks to defeat Gwen and her gang. His flying ability emerges when Gwen throws him off of Sky High's floating platform, and he helps to hold the school in the air as the sidekicks reactivate its sabotaged antigravity device. The babies are returned to their original state, and Will and Layla kiss as the dance resumes. Royal Pain and her gang are held in the detention room. Afterwards, the bus driver becomes a superhero, Warren becomes Will's best friend, and Layla becomes Will's girlfriend.

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