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My metaphor.

all right, this time i'll tell you some reason from me about
"Girl" why? because i'm in confuse of that word.
first, we are come into the world with two gender, Male and Female. yeah i heard if girl is made from boy's rib. absolutely amazing right? but, why girl is not made from boy's heart(?)
in my mind, girl is the cruelest and the kindest. they come into this world with a sharp stiletto and jabbed to boy's mind with a lot of affection and love, they are will be a mother for their children, and they are someone who bring us to the world now.
but some of boys that i know, is not treat a girl like a "girl"
what a stupid things,

i love my mom, i love my grandma
no ones like them
they are the wisest human,

girl is so unpredictable, thay can turning back 180 degrees
absolutely unpredictable.
if you are a boys.
start to respect girl in your eye.


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