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Science and Hiro

how about if you can come back to your past?
like him
he is Hiro Nakamura from character of Drama Serial tv (science fiction) HEROES.
Hiro is an evolved human who had the ability to bend space and time. After discovering that he was dying, Hiro attempted to use his power to fix all the wrongs in his life by using his ability. This however, came to haunt him before the situation was resolved in the form of an imagined court-room case involving various important figures in his life. Hiro learned to leave certain things alone in the aftermath of this experience, and was also cured of his life-threatening condition. 
i guess that if i can be like him
i'll change my world today and tomorrow.
so many hero that had this ability
how about if we can make it real? with a science theory "TIME"
i think there's no more today.

this ia a unique quote from him
"I know. You have shown me what bravery is."
"Your whole life you talked about your favorite stories...Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, Kensei... All the heroes you wanted to be. One day, people will tell the story of... Hiro Nakamura."

make it to be your motivation
you can be a hero
i can be a hero

if i can bend the time and space
.i'll not see this homework of science and Mathematics


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