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Javanese (Indonesia) Part I

As we know, that Indonesia is a great country with many cultures and many languages inside each of the tribe itself. This time i'll tell one of Indonesia's tribes with theirs language. First i'll tell about commonly tribe in Indonesia. It is Java or "Jawa" is an island with population of 136 million. Java has many tribes, but most dominating tribe is "Suku Jawa". Suku Jawa has two types of language there are subtle language and offensive language. The subtle language is usually used by people in central java province and the offensive language is usually used by east java province, how about the west? because the tribes in west java region has different languages than in central or east, of course the tribes in west java aren't "Suku jawa" however "Sunda" or "Betawi". An examples of subtle language of Javanese.
kulo = I
punten ? = how ?

an examples of offensive language of javanese
aku = I
koyopo = how?

some of Javanese people usually used the offensive language.
this will be continuing later.
i'll tell you much.


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