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A few days to IM Telkom

I'm so wondering, how is my campus looks like. Cause I never see that before, and I'm just imagine it in my mind. And finally, the day that I'm waiting for so long has come. I see my campus with my own eyes, when i was be there for fulfill my registration to be completely. I'm so excited, because the campus is bigger than i thought. Honest, I'm very glad after see that, then I lit the fireworks and dancing like jester (in my mind). Here is my campus, Institut Manajemen Telkom (Telkom Institute of Management)
Institut Manajemen Telkom
So big, isn't?
And now, my next question is how the inside looks like?
because I will face OKMB in 8th September (owh, this is the worst)
do you know OKMB?
OKMB is an activities for a new students to knowing their new school. BUT, That is not only to knowing how is the school looks like. Seems like, it is precisely an activities for senior to "Torment" the junior. it is totally worst. huh, i just need a spirit for now. Wish me luck guys!


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