welcome to my abstract blog :)

first post!! (time to describe)

it is my new blog, before this i write my post in Keranjang info , i still be admin of these site,
i'm present this blog just for you that want to know more about life, and understand that something should be understand, and to know much about dream.
i think you'll ask me these word that so strange
yeah, "HERO"
why hero?, maybe i'm too much watch a superhero movies, cartoon and many things that bring us to dreamin.
i'm an indonesian people, and i'm so proudly to be an indonesian people. coz indonesia is can be a freedom nation now, just because indonesia's hero that fighting againts colonizer with their blood and unlimited spirit although they must be die ...
  yeah maybe i should go to their graveyard and pray for them
in the future post, maybe i will tell many things of indonesian cultures and many things about lifestlye, sports, and of course music.

ok, i forgot to describe who i am.

my name is mustafa.
i'm an indonesian people
and i'm male (of course)
i have many hobby.
hmm, like playing guitar, make a songs, and listening to the my favourite band's song.
i'm so happy when i can have a new friend
that's all for my first post.
here i am now. with a two thumbs for you all, yeah


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