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Indonesian Slang and everyday language

yeah, some of you maybe lil bit interest of Indonesian Language and if you dont. i guess you will.
indonesia have many cultures languages, like
Bahasa Banjar : a language from south kalimantan of Indonesia.
Bahasa Jawa : a language from Java, this language has many types of pronouncation, such as Madura, Central Java, and East Java. some of javanese people use the same type of pronoucation, if they're in east java but they're from central java, they will also can communicate each other cause the types of javanese language not too different.
Bahasa Sunda : it's a language from west java, this language usually use in Bandung. so far i still dont know why this language has a big different with javanese language.
and many more, i can tell more because i think it's too much, maybe it's an hundred language in Indonesia.

beside of that, indonesia have a main language, Yeah "Bahasa Indonesia"
this time i'll not explain you what is the formal language of indonesia, but i'll tell you the indonesian's slang and everyday language.
if you come to indonesia maybe you'll get confused. because i think indonesian language in has a big different with english. but don't worry about that. indonesian language is so easy to learn.
now i'll tell you some of indonesian everyday language:

Selamat Pagi !
good morning!

Selamat Malam!
good night!

apa kabarmu?
how are you?


senang bertemu denganmu.
nice to meet you.

siapa namamu?
what is your name?

terima kasih.

your welcome.

in indonesia, a slang is like this:

Cape deh: its an expression of some people if they're little upset. and also hopeless of something.
Buset! : its an expression of some people if they just saw something amazing
Cuy: it's an expression when they're calling their peers.

maybe that's all for now
regard from me
and two thumbs for you all...
and, i still learn english, forgive me if i wrong, ok guys!!


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