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First Time (Sweet..)

its begin when me and my friend go to mosque that i think its not so far, but because we are so SMART, then we took the long way. yeah we are so smart right? hmm, we take the long way because we want to know if in the Indosat's building (because it is the nearest building) is doing tarawih too, but its useless, because we're not see anyone go there and we should turning back, yeah it's waste our time. and then we need the shortest way to Mosque. we see two guys use moslem's wears, and we follow them. exactly they're going to the mosque. they're see us in the behind like we are two people that want to kill them with a fork. their footsteps is faster, and i'm very worry if we lost on the way. but its not happen (hoho), i see many people, and i see the mosque.

when we arrive in that mosque, i'm so shocked when i saw many kids playing in the inside of the mosque ( is it a market, playground, or timezone?), they're playing like they're not in the inside of that mosque. what the hell!, when many people praying they're only playing with their friends, they're only disturbing the other. but. i'm very want to join them, hoho. the mosque is big enough, i see many people inside, i'm very glad this time.

we are going to home with a rock n roll song stomach (read: hungry), maybe we need to eat something or kill anyone then eat their hands (devil plan, hehe), i call my mom, and then we go to ATM. a long journey in the night, finally we arrive in our favourite tavern, yeah its the best part today. we're eating like a lion with its fangs, so fast and clean. but that night i receive the most strange message, that has been telling by Inyonk,

after that we go to our sweety home that like a small hell,
i don't know for sure but i see someone playing guitar in front of my neighbour room, hoho, i was very happy and then i borrow it. i sleep that night with a smile face and with those guitar that i waiting for two months, i'm singing and playing for an few hour, and i see the time in my phone and hmm, "1 o'clock" oh god, what happen to me, i'm gonna stress, can i wake up in 3 o'clock later for the first suhoor?. oh dear, what should i do? before that, i tell someone to waking me when her suhoor, i feel so relieved.

and then my mom call me
i'm wake up
at last i'm wake up earlier than her (haha).
and then we take a suhoor for the first fasting day in this ramadhan,

for the first fasting day?
hho, i'm late to go to my office(hell), maybe i too much sleep and dreaming, although its a bad things. a don't know why i like it. hhe

its my first.


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